Still Life Painting


Various fine art movements as well as styles come and go from time to time. Fine art doubters do not consider Still Life painting stylish in today’s day and age, however it is recognized as a prominent kind of fine art. It’s still prominent with the general public and also numerous amateur artists find this sort of fine art to be valuable in teaching structure and also viewpoint. Artists have always had a hard time to get versions or to have enough light to repaint landscapes. Establishing non-living things is a convenient comparative.


file2451281172077Typical items to be painted are dishes of fruit, vases of flowers or a container of wine and a platter of cheese or meats. Still Life painting could have a searching or fishing style. It was preferred in western fine art from the 17th century, particularly in France, Italy as well as Holland. Dutch artists were particularly efficient in this fine art type, being prohibited from painting spiritual iconography.


The 19th century was a golden age for artists who wished to try out Still Life painting. Traditionalists would have been horrified at the time but the musicians who pushed the limits with color and form were to influence future generations. It appears tame to modern-day gallery visitors today, but the work of Impressionists and Post-Impressionists surprised both the public and doubters when they were initially exhibited.


Vincent Van Gogh used bold shade as well as extensive brushwork in paintings such as Sunflowers, most likely one of the most renowned Still Life painters in history. Regretfully, he really did not see success in his lifetime however the painting set new records when it was sold at auction as well as is now thought about to be a work of art. Paul Cézanne was an another artist who had a really individual style as well as is typically referred to as the godfather of modern art. His still life’s were experiments in perspective and also the artist distorted perspective to suit his artistic vision.

These earlier artists laid the structures for what would certainly be called Cubism. Developeded by Pablo Picasso as well as Georges Braque, through this of looking at the globe through geometry typically made use of Still Life painting as a means of expression. Juan Gris was another backer of this art type. Once again, purists tossed their arms up in disbelief as the design was given a make over.

The Pop Artists of the 1960s additionally took to the form, causing social landmarks such as Andy Warhol’s Campbell’s Soup Cans. Artists repainted Coca Cola containers as well as other day-to-day items, suggesting that it was no different from an Old Master portraying a bottle of wine.

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