Wood Work Art And Music

For this article I want to present another wonderful artisan success story that we have been able to make possible. Our mission is pretty clear and we keep it in mind with everything we do. Help aspiring artists from around the world connect with buyers in the US to achieve much better prices for their work.

A Brazilian Genius

Pedro from Brazil is one such success story and is one of our youngest artists at 22. What is incredible with what Pedro does is that he has combined two of his passions: Music and wood work. As a trained carpenter his dad wanted him to follow in the same footsteps, but he decided to deviate a little into cabinet making which allowed him to work in a more artistic way and environment.

guitarFrom a very early age his grandfather had taught him to play the guitar and as he got older he was fascinated by the different types of guitars and sounds they produce. Then one day, he decided to make his own one.

The first attempts did not work out so well and he soon figured that there was a lot more to it. With no resources or anyone to help him he started on a different approach. The problem was mainly that he couldn’t get a good or consistent sound.

Starting Over

So he basically took an existing guitar and started adding carved wood plates. This resulted in some wonderfully beautiful designs and some local musicians were quick to buy some of his work. He also started buying old electric guitars and carving them into wonderful designs.

But this was just a little side passion and the local market was neither large enough nor was there enough money to help make a living. That is where we stepped in to help him and I am delighted to report that just a few days ago we sold one of Pedro’s 20th guitars.

It is still not a full time income for him but he is starting to make a name for himself oin the intricate designs he comes up with.

The Future

We are planning to reach out to musician here in the US to see if can get to a place where he has a back log of custom orders. So far the response has been good and we are hoping that this will only keep getting better.

As you can see there are some incredibly unique ways that artists figure out how to make a living with their talents and passions. With your help as a supported, buyer or volunteer we are making a real difference in the lives of these people. Check out our designated pages for the various art works we offer and feel free to contact us if you have specific questions.

As always, you can help not just by volunteering, but also by simply sharing these stories with friends and family and maybe buy some of the art we have on offer. They make great gifts for all types of occasions.

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