Artist Stories

To help spread word about our work we try to regularly bring you some success stories of some of the artists we work with. Check back to this page on a regular basis, or join our mailing list for updates from around the world.


Christine from Kenya

Christine is a young woman who lives in rural Kenya with her husband and three Children. Her husband works as a helper on a farm and that income barely is enough for them to feed and clothe their three children.


Through a charity worker that we know we were made aware of some of the exquisite wooden toys Christine makes. Because she couldn’t afford to buy toys for her children she would make various animals by carving them from wood and hand painting them.

When we received one of her giraffes and showed it to some of our customers there was an immediate interest. Now we order dozens of animal carvings on almost a weekly basis and Christine is able to work part time.

This has resulted in her family being able to move to a much better house, she can send all three children to school and is also able to get access to health care and vaccinations.

We are hoping that in time we will find more people like Christine as this kind of craftsmanship is in high demand.


José from Belize

José is a mechanic from Belize who has encountered many adversities, most recently from the aftermath of various hurricanes and tropical storms. His business was barely keeping his family afloat when the economy took a heavy hit.

file6161312337284Because he is a trained welder he has always been interested in metal work and in his spare time he makes small sculptures and even furniture from scrap pieces of metal mainly from cars.

While a lot of his work is large and bulky, he does make some extremely ornate small pieces of art that depict and recreate centuries old crafts from local native tribes. Because he learned about the art from his father and grandfather he has been able to wonderfully bridge ancient techniques with modern metal work.

We are hoping to soon be able to take custom orders for José, so if you like anything specific of his past work we will be able to get him to make and ship it to your exact specifications.


More To Come

As already mentioned we will be regularly adding to our blog with success stories from around the world. This has proven to be one of the best ways to spread our message and we hope to soon have some video interviews the very people you are helping.

If you have bought from us before and would like to share your story about your purchase we would love to add you to our testimonials. It is probably the easiest way to help our cause. If you would like to get more involved then please check out the volunteer section and fill out the form to get in contact.